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Do you know where your fleet is?

Miami, FL – Global wireless solution provider DataRemote, Inc. can now keep customers abreast of real-time locations and other important information regarding vehicles and assets over the cellular infrastructure with new WBC Fleet GPS/AVL software. This solution integrates store-forward capability, coordinating with the DataRemote CalAmp LMU hardware to log events to memory for later review even if a vehicle or asset is traveling out of the coverage area, with a mapping support system that can be accessed anywhere a connection is available.

The WBC Fleet system features the ability to log each event; users can have thousands of buffered coordinates and events and still stay within their monthly data plan. VP of Sales, Carter Dewey states “WBC Fleet is an extremely cost-effective choice for real-time tracking, and the program’s routing capabilities and detailed maps allow dispatchers to assist drivers quickly to improve timelines, while the real-time tracking helps head off problems and ensure on-budget operations.”

The system’s real-time tracking feature displays selected vehicles visible on a map as they move, with an entire fleet displayed on national regional and local maps. WBC Fleet also offers a wide spectrum of detailed reports to monitor information such as times and delays, speed and mileage. These unique capabilities have proven WBC Fleet and the CalAmp hardware to be a perfect fit for applications including real-time fleet management, emergency vehicles, delivery services and commercial sanitation.

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Is your Government Fleet Compliant?

DataRemote and WBC Fleet offer tracking solutions for all your Government and Private Fleet needs.

President Obama signed Executive Order 13693 into law with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases and increasing efficiency. As part of this Order; any agency with a fleet of at least 20 vehicles must:

  1. Limit “unnecessary or non-essential vehicles from the agency’s fleet inventory”
  2. Reduce “fleet-wide per-mile greenhouse gas emissions”
  3. Acquire “fleet operational data through deployment of vehicle telematics at a vehicle asset level”
  4. Ensure “agency annual asset-level fleet data is properly and accurately accounted for”
  5. Planning “zero emission vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles and opportunities”

(Executive Order 13693 Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade)