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T1 over Cellular directly replaces wireline data transmission devices usually associated with TDM analog T1 circuitry consisting usually of 24 DS0 64 Kbps channels. This solution provisions the ability to either replace or supplement the existing T1 pipeline with an carrier approved Cellular appliance. These devices operate best on a LTE Cellular Data Network but will also work well on traditional 3G and 4G networks. Originally intended to operate as a failover or supplemental backup device, these solutions can also function as the primary communications platform to totally replace the wireline connection. Depending upon the sampling rate and volume of data transmitted, larger Cellular Data plans may be required. The appliance can be configured to automatically failover to Cellular in the event of wireline service interruption. The appliance will dynamically switch back to wireline operation when that connectivity is returned to operation. Alternatively, the appliance will operate in a primary mode with an alternative cellular carrier being positioned as the secondary pathway. Such a configuration becomes a fully cellular operation.
The DataRemote T1 over Cellular solution encapsulates full and fractional T1 and TDM circuits, along with their framing and signaling bits, into IP packets. The solution creates the equivalent of an IP Tube carrying a full T1 Over Cellular. This solution can provide for transparent interconnection of most T1 based communication systems using traditional wireless connectivity.
The T1 interfaces have configurations that provide independent protocol, compression, packet sizing, buffering, clocking, framing, coding and channel settings. DataRemote has harnessed the capability of T1 over the a Cellular Network.

Features and Benefits

  • Full and Fractional T1 connections are supported.
  • The size and frequency of the IP packets are user configurable.
  • Data rates from 64 Kpbs to 2.048 Mbps are supported.
  • Drop in replacement to substitute Cellular for wireline providing options for wireline product sunset plans.
  • Dual carrier options provide additional failover capability
  • Will support Primary operation or as automatic failover for secondary operation.
  • Several variations and port configurations for T1 are available
  • 1 and 2 port 10/100T models available
  • Optional Lossless Data Compression
  • Optional Load Sharing and Redundant Ethernet port capabilities
  • AC and DC Power Options
  • Supports Full and Fractional and Multiplexed T1
  • Straightforward Configuration


Available in multiple configurations including:

  • Tray (rack) mounting
  • NEMA enclosures
  • Traditional cabinet housing
  • Standby battery power pack

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