Paragon 4™


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MISSION CRITICAL CONNECTIVITY FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS The Paragon Base Station delivers optimum data rates while balancing coverage and capacity. Based on open IP architecture, each Paragon controller is equipped with a standard IP router, dual Ethernet 10/100 BaseT interfaces and AES 128-bit encryption to ensure system data is transferred securely.

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To make the most efficient use of bandwidth, the Paragon utilizes “stateless” data compression and protocol reduction to compress both UDP and TCP packets transparently with minimal effort. Interoperability is easily accomplished using any IP v4 compliant application. The modem control unit is capable of handling over 900 million instructions per second, giving you the capacity and the flexibility to expand your system to include other agencies based in or around your community. The Paragon 4 can be completely reprogrammed remotely through your LAN and backhaul lines and network maintenance can be carried out from a single location with no need to visit each site. A real-time operating system and flash file system make upgrades seamless and hassle free. Add an optional Network Management system and take full advantage of both offline and online diagnostics. The Paragon 4 comes with a one-year warranty. Extended warranty plans are available.

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