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Wednesday, July 20, 2016





David Douthit is a DataRemote Director with over 44 years of utility and telecom industry experience. Previously, David managed a Utility Practice at AT&T. David has built a joint venture utility owned business unit with infrastructure to support meter and network asset management. He has experience testifying before State regulatory commissions and is familiar with tariffs and regulatory process rules. David is experienced with both staff and line management positions having worked for several utilities being involved in operations related to improvement of meter to cash processes, applications of advanced technologies for customer service operations, and integration of AMR/AMI best practices. David is experienced with utility departmental budgeting, profit center management, business unit financial responsibility, business case development initiatives, metering and metrology, SCADA, AMR/AMI, data communications, data management, SmartGrid, radio frequency transport and IoT related technology.


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