Bell 202 Modem Bookend over Cellular

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Monday, July 11, 2016






Provides for Bell 202 standard wireline modem replacement capabilities over Cellular. This simple solution requires two data plans, two SIM chips and two Cellular appliances. Simply configured, a device goes at either end of a circuit creating a mobile to mobile connection. The result permits traditional Serial data communications to be transmitted over a Cellular appliance. This is a good solution where a customer has stranded investments in legacy hardware and is looking for an alternative to wireline connectivity. As with most DataRemote products, this solution may be configured as either a primary with failover to another carrier. The dual carrier capability creates another pathway for mission critical communications.

Features and Benefits

  • Interfaces legacy equipment to minimize stranded investments for telemetry users.
  • Supports multiple protocols used in various SCADA, Command and Control functions, telemetry and other services requiring 2 or 4 wire connectivity.
  • Drop in replacement to substitute Cellular for wireline providing options for wireline product sunset plans.
  • Dual carrier options provide additional failover capability


Available in multiple configurations including:

  • Tray (rack) mounting
  • NEMA enclosures
  • Traditional cabinet housing
  • Standby battery power pack

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