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Do you know where your fleet is?

Miami, FL – Global wireless solution provider DataRemote, Inc. can now keep customers abreast of real-time locations and other important information regarding vehicles and assets over the cellular infrastructure with new WBC Fleet GPS/AVL software. This solution integrates store-forward capability, coordinating with the DataRemote CalAmp LMU hardware to log events to memory for later review even if a vehicle or asset is traveling out of the coverage area, with a mapping support system that can be accessed anywhere a connection is available.

The WBC Fleet system features the ability to log each event; users can have thousands of buffered coordinates and events and still stay within their monthly data plan. VP of Sales, Carter Dewey states “WBC Fleet is an extremely cost-effective choice for real-time tracking, and the program’s routing capabilities and detailed maps allow dispatchers to assist drivers quickly to improve timelines, while the real-time tracking helps head off problems and ensure on-budget operations.”

The system’s real-time tracking feature displays selected vehicles visible on a map as they move, with an entire fleet displayed on national regional and local maps. WBC Fleet also offers a wide spectrum of detailed reports to monitor information such as times and delays, speed and mileage. These unique capabilities have proven WBC Fleet and the CalAmp hardware to be a perfect fit for applications including real-time fleet management, emergency vehicles, delivery services and commercial sanitation.

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How Reliable is your Radio Network?


Radio over Cellular directly replaces wireline control circuitry for transmission of Two Way Radio traffic. Intended as a backup or to replace microwave, T1 wireline and other private line links. Either as primary or failover with or without dual carrier capability. This product can be used to connect public service, utility or other organizations involved in operating a mission critical two-way mobile radio systems for dispatching mobile units. Typically, operators of such systems would be Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Utility and other first responder organizations. In addition, any fleet operator or organization that dispatched remote mobile units would be a candidate for this solution.

Features and Benefits

• Interfaces legacy equipment to minimize stranded investments for telemetry users.
• Supports multiple protocols used in various radio control systems including Harris,
• Supports telemetry and other services requiring 2 or 4 wire connectivity.
• Drop in replacement to substitute Cellular for wireline
• Dual carrier options provide additional failover capability
• Can be used with multiple CalAmp hardware platforms
• Will support Primary operation or as automatic failover for secondary operation.

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Carter Dewey is vice president of sales and marketing at DataRemote, a leading solution provider of IoT technology. He was appointed to his current role in April 2016.

Carter’s previous experience includes 12 years with AT&T, advancing in a leadership role as a Signature Client Director. Carter’s team was responsible AT&T’s entire portfolio of products and services. Carter’s experience was expanded with multiple director roles across software solution and design engineer manufacturing companies.

Through his carrier Carter has lived and held jobs in New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Kansas City, Tampa, and we now welcome him to Miami Florida where he’s moved with his family to join the DataRemote team.


Timor Brik serves as DataRemote’s General Counsel. He is licensed to practice law in both Florida and California. Timor’s role at DataRemote is not limited to legal matters and he interacts closely with other departments in the company as well as many signature customers. Prior to joining DataRemote, Timor practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco – Bay Area. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa before moving to the U.S. to continue his education.

Timor holds a JD from the Charlotte School of Law and a B.S. in Political Science from Santa Clara University.


Alex Tarlamis has been with DataRemote since May 2015 in the role of Business Development Director. Alex has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining DataRemote Alex was the Vice President of Business Development and Sales for Oberthur Technologies for Latin America. Previous roles were also held for MoreMagic Solutions, and as a Director of Sales with Nortel Networks focusing in the Latin American markets. Alex began his career with Nortel Networks where he held a variety of Engineering, Marketing, and Sales management positions.


Adem Adem serves as DataRemote’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. In this capacity, he drives operational excellence that contributes DataRemote’s growth, competitiveness and performance worldwide.

Adem Adem comes to DataRemote from MV Transportation, the largest private provider of paratransit services and the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm based in the United States. Adam held multiple roles including Chief Development Officer, reporting to MV’s Chief Executive Officer. As CDO, Adem oversaw all business development activities, including: competitive procurements, non-governmental transit services sales, corporate development, and marketing.