Modem for RJ11 Devices to Transmit Data via Digital Cellular

Upgrade Your Legacy Analog System to Digital Cellular

The DRI-7000-TR allows any meter or terminal with an RJ11 jack “PSTN” to send data over digital cellular – significantly reducing the costs of transmission, while eliminating the need for a costly upgrade.

Simply plug a standard phone cable modem into the DRI-7000-TR RJ11 port to start taking advantage of the reliability and privacy offered by the rapidly expanding CDMA and GSM networks. Built-in a NEMA enclosure, the DRI-7000-TR is rated to provide protection against environmental hazards such as water, dust, oil or coolant or atmospheres containing corrosive agents.

The extensive coverage of the CDMA and GSM networks means DataRemote’s DRI-7000-TR is the perfect solution for affordable, packet data transmission from remote areas or anywhere a fixed line is unavailable.

Typical Applications

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Remote POS, Wireless, Telemetry, SCADA, Video Monitoring, Traffic Sensor, Monitoring, Alarm & Equipment Monitoring, Data Protocol (UDP, TCP), Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Standard RJ11 Fax Machine Transmission.

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Solar solutions using M2M Modems, Router

At Data Remote Inc., we pride ourselves on offering a wide spectrum of solutions spanning a variety of industries for our customers' diverse wireless needs. We currently offer customized solar configurations for all of our modems. Our custom Power window board! powers the M2M RS232 device with windows let you decide when your modem powers up, giving you the most efficient use of your power.

CDS-9060 Solar setup

How We Did It.

The products used for this innovative solution was the LandCell 882 Modem Router, Deep-cell 18AH battery, sun-saver voltage regulator, and a 20 Watt solar panel with a timing board that shuts down unit for 12 hours a day or night. This kit is design to power one M2M Modem 882 M2M Modem Router. The above system has enough power to last for 7 days without any sun-light in North America.

Solar kit with battery unhooked

Solar kit with Battery unhooked

Hooking up power Hooking up power close up

Connecting battery to voltage regulator

Installing fuse Installing fuse

Installing fuse

Installation of modem

Installation of modem

Mounting modem inside NEMA enclosure

For more information regarding this innovative cellular solution please contact us for special pricing and technical information.

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