FUSION Multi-Network LTE Router GPS, WiFi LTE band 14, 17, 20 using the Private and Public network and your own Network with automatic fail-over for redundancy. Fast and reliable alternative.

Mission Critical Broadband Connectivity In an emergency, saves lives.

Today's communities rely on their local Fire, Rescue, and Law Enforcement Agencies to have the most cutting-edge communications available to serve their complex needs. Therefore, it is essential that these teams have the exact locations and vital data they require available to them in real time. The DataRemote Fusion LTE Router/modem offers this solution with real time GPS capabilities.

Public Safety Applications

Know Your Unit Locations

And knowing exactly where the closest response unit is, can save more than just seconds. Now even small and mid-sized municipalities can know the real-time GPS location of all emergency units. The 9060/G coupled with our proprietary TrakitNow software provides budget strapped municipalities a robust solution at a mere fraction of what these systems have previously cost.

The DataRemote Fusion LTE Router/modem offers a static IP to communicate as well as real-time GPS capabilities. This system also has inputs to immediately send alerts regarding events, such as the moment a rifle is pulled from a rack, a door is opened, or a medical instrument is activated. It can consistently keep dispatch teams informed about the location and specific activities of each unit.

Fusion LTE
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