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A Lottery Solution That's Win Win!

At Data Remote Inc., we pride ourselves on offering a wide spectrum of advanced digital solutions spanning a variety of industries for our customers' diverse wireless needs. That's why we were especially pleased to have recently helped a major gaming company partner with the Iowa Lottery and take a wireless approach that has become a benchmark for success in remote communication in this field.

Lottery & Gaming Solutions

How We Did It.

The products used for this innovative new partnership were the CDS-9060M modem and the IP Manager software implemented by DataRemote. The CDS-9060M can work both as a simple dial-up application or can work in conjunction with the IP Manager, which allows the modem to operate on the cost-effective CDMA20001XRTT network in a dynamically assigned IP environment.

IP Manager Dynamic IP Management Solution

This software has two functions: to keep track of all dynamically assigned IP addresses that the modem is given by the CDMA carrier and to connect the end-users' application without necessitating any modification to their code. This "middleware" convinces the end-users' software that it is engaged in a regular dial-up connection.

The Iowa Lottery put these MVMs through rigorous testing for more than a month before approving it for placement. Part of this process included acceptance testing of the application for reliability, the security of the data sent and received by the unit and the correlative operation of Data Remote’s wireless modem. At DataRemote, we realize that our customers are always looking for solutions that will keep them on the cutting edge of gaming systems and other types of technology, and we believe that the success afforded by the wireless modems in MVMs is just the tip of the iceberg in this industry. In addition to the success of this project DataRemote and Oasis Gaming have received the prestigious 3G CDMA Award.

The logistics of trying to connect a project of this scope with the existing phone infrastructure was daunting, to say the least, and the new wireless communication system offered by DataRemote was far easier to install and maintain than an antiquated phone system would have been. Working with phone systems in remote locations can be fraught with challenges, ranging from poor wiring to slowed reaction time to unnecessary expenditure of manpower. Plus, in many locations, lottery terminals that use a phone line have to share the existing line with the business it is in, which means if there are any problems at all with the line, the productivity and safety of the terminal can be compromised. However, a wireless system allows them to communicate remotely with each MVM placed in the field from their Central Game Center, while receiving a wide variety of data, from accounting and ticket information to the ability to closely monitor all aspects of each machine’s security features—including being able to sense when a machine door has been tampered with.

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