M2M Cellular Modem Applications

Versatile & Effective

DataRemote offers M2M wireless communication solutions that span numerous applications.
Our real-time technologies provide the solutions to move data wirelessly, in a cost-effective
and reliable way, enabling greater efficiency in the management of mission-critical data.

Remote Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading For Cellular Modems

Our M2M embedded cellular modem products are uniquely suited for meter reading applications--DataRemote has assisted
its diverse customer base with thousands of installations in both urban and remote areas where
landlines are either unavailable or cost prohibitive.

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Power Station Monitoring & Control

Power Station Monitoring Through Cellular Devices

Our rugged and reliable machine to machine wireless solutions are a perfect fit for a wide range of environmental
monitoring applications that require low power consumption and dependable remote monitoring options.

Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

Control, monitor and change information on signs in remote locations digitally and from the ease
of a desktop. Our VMS cellular modem solutions also provide innovative two-way communication options
for optical character recognition (OCR).

Gas, Water & Oil Flow Monitoring

Gas, Electric, & Oil Field Monitoring

Gas and water metering solutions are currently being explored. DataRemote's experience with defining,
designing, developing and manufacturing communications solutions for a broad variety of industrial
applications provide us with valuable insights into the resulting product.

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Fire, Law & Rescue Operations

Fire & Rescue Management

Today's communities rely on their local municipal groups to have the most cutting-edge communications
available to serve their complex needs. Therefore, it is essential that these teams have the exact
locations and vital data they require available to them in real-time.

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Cellular ATM Transactions

Wireless ATM Transaction

The benefit of leveraging wireless technology in POS applications is rapidly becoming the watchword
across numerous ATM markets. CDMA technology offers advanced security measures coupled with the speed
and convenience of the digital landscape.

Cellular Lottery Terminal Transactions

Remote Lottery Terminal Transactions

A wireless system can allow lottery terminals to communicate remotely, while receiving a wide variety
of data, from accounting and ticket information to the ability to closely monitor all aspects of each
machine's security features-including being able to sense when a machine door has been tampered with.

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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Our innovative solution allows users to keep abreast of real-time locations and other important
information regarding vehicles and assets over the cellular infrastructure with TrakitNow Fleet Management Solution.

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Wireless Providers

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