Automatic Meter Reading

Providing Cellular Automatic Meter Reading Solutions since 1993.

The DataRemote Automatic Meter Reading "AMR" solution is based on the utilization of field-proven products and technologies. Power usage data will be measured and stored by advanced solid-state remote meters provided by one or more of the major suppliers. Communication of that data is through existing cellular telephone networks, using analog and digital technologies to achieve system wide coverage at optimum cost.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Meter Reading

DataRemote's focus to date has been on quality, cost-effective AMR solutions for the high revenue C&I meters and those lower-revenue meters that are extremely difficult to access. These customers typically represent 50% or more of a utility's peak load and therefore warrant separate and priority attention. DataRemote's use of the cellular networks has proved to be a very cost effective and reliable solution for remote meter reading. Full use of the benefits offered by circuit switched, and packet switched communications utilizing either dynamic or static IP addressing can be achieved. Full benefit of the Internet is gained for two-way communication of data in the industrial environment. Improved speeds, ease of access, security and cost reduction are the primary results.

Water and Gas Automatic Meter Reading

Gas and water automatic remote meter reading solutions are currently being explored. DataRemote's experience with defining, designing, developing and manufacturing communications solutions for a broad variety of industrial meter reading applications provide us with valuable insights into the resulting product. DataRemote is also developing strategic alliances with companies that offer products, technologies and capabilities that compliment DataRemote' electric C&I meter communications solution.

DataRemote's M2M Wireless Data Solutions For AMR Applications

             Land Cellular 882                      Vanguard 3000 Multi Carrier                       Com Box 2 Wan

Why DataRemote's Cellular Data Solutions?

DataRemote CDMA Modems take advantage of the existing public cellular infrastructure and uses it for data transportation. We utilize the same cellular frequencies and have the same coverage as cellular voice. However, with our use of quality transceivers and gain antennas, our M2M products has establishes solid data connections in areas well outside of the reach of typical 600 mW voice phones. M2M Products for Remote Meter Reading "AMR" Communications modems have been commercially available since 1993. There are currently well over 100,000 remote meter devices installed and reading more than 135,000 C&I remote meters at least once each day.

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