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M2M Products, Cellular Modems and Routers HSPA+ and CDMA routers from DataRemote, Inc. have consistently been at the forefront of the M2M Industrial market space since 1991. Our self-contained CDMA, LTE, UMTS, GPRS and HSPA+, Cellular Modems and Routers have been successfully deployed across diverse applications including automatic meter reading (AMR) remote telemetry, SCADA, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and remote point of sale (POS). And as one of the first companies to design, build and market M2M cellular modem products that operate on CDMA 1xrtt and GPRS UMTS and HSPA networks, we use cutting-edge technology to tailor our solutions to the individual needs of our customers. Our cellular modems and routers and other real-time M2M technologies provide communication capabilities that are cost-effective, flexible and efficient. Plus, not only do we provide these outstanding M2M Routes product solutions, but we back them up with the most reliable, skilled technical support in the industry.  Calls us for all your M2M modem communication needs.

NEW PRODUCTS FOR LEGACY HARDWARE - Seamless Conversion From Lease Line 4 wire and 2 wire POTS LINE to IP Address. For More Information Call to talk to a Sales Engineer - CONTACT US

Making the Change from Analog to IP

DataRemote provides a complete solution for a four wire leased line application for your Bell 202T 300bps to 2400bps and 9600bps and frequency Oscillator circuit for txd and rxd.

Also have hardware to support a dialup type of Two wire Pots’ Analog modem converter, seamless to the wireless IP network. Let us show you the path.  Stop paying those high priced Leased line cost to the Telco’s companies’ “Make the Switch”.  LTE and HSPA+ routers and modems that will support your Legacy equipment from RTU, PLC and Data logger, etc.  Convert your Analog to IP without changing your host legacy platform.  Also your data is secure using IP-SEC\VPN or by using your own private IP address.

LTE HSPA UMTS CDMA EVDO Modems and Routers: Forward and Backward Compatibility - New and Legacy products.

Our LTE, EVDO and UMTS M2M Cellular Routers and Cellular Modems allow for communication over the rapidly expanding 4G 3G M2M networks, can bridge the gap between old technology and new with support for both old circuit-switched legacy and 3G, 4G packet-switched services with broad band coverage on cellular PCS carriers worldwide.  Call us and ask for a M2M solution provider.

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